Cathedral Records exists for the active and aspiring musician and songwriter.
Whether you’re still in your bedroom hashing out the chords to your favorite song or have more than a few gigs under your belt, Cathedral Records wants to help you fulfill the measure of your creative ambitions.

How We Can Help

Everyone is in a different point along their path. Cathedral Records tries to get you from where you are to where you want to go next. We can prepare press kits, develop content for your website, and help you with social media best practices.

As a community-first organisation, we can help connect you with musicians who can round out your band or recording session. We can also help advocate for you as you book shows, provide a project studio in which to hash out demos for your album, or even publish or represent your music as a label. Cathedral Records strives to support creative musicians however we can.

We can even help with graphic design and photgraphy.


Houston, Texas has a thriving, diverse, and passionate music community. Cathedral Records believes in being a good steward, advocate, and member of this wonderful group. Right wing, left wing, alt rock, fusion, indie….doesn’t matter. What matters is cultivating the most enthusiastic, supportive, collaborative environment possible by encouraging cross promotion, collaboration, and support among the talented musicians, venues, studios, and other community members in and around the Greater Houston area.

All of us has a unique story to tell. Cathedral Records wants to share those stories to help all of us learn from our collective experiences, successes, and the challenges we've faced along the way.

Let Cathedral Records share your story!